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Manatees Are The Best

If you know me, you know that I’m a bit obsessed with manatees (as is Melody).

This is my desktop wallpaper.. Not even kidding.

So it all started when my brothers introduced Melody and I to “Mermaids the Body Found” on Animal planet. Remember that show? It was weird and creepy and apparently mermaids are real.
ImageAnyways… On the “documentary” they said that manatees were often mistaken for mermaids and they showed video of manatees just hanging out in the water, being awesome. This brought us to wonder “what sounds do manatees make”? We decided that it had to be a lazy “muhhh” sound (it’s a squeaky sound in real life). We went on YouTube in search of the song of the manatee. What we found was the most awesome song sung by this kid that was hilarious but has since been removed from YouTube (maybe the Swivlettes will cover it in the future).

From what I can remember, the song went as follows:

Manatee, oh manatee
Cow OF the sea
Your face looks like a vacuum
You don’t really look like a sea cow you look more like a sea pig

There were other verses but you get the gist. We have taken this song to heart and embarrassed many a person while singing it at random. I’ve seen one in the wild before and it was magical. I┬ájust really love manatees. If I ever live in Florida I am totally getting that manatee license plate.

I will leave you with this.